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Steak is a liquid staking protocol for ๐ŸŒŽ Terra.

Users stake ๐ŸŒ” LUNA through the Steak Hub smart contract, which in return mints ๐Ÿฅฉ STEAK tokens to the users representing their staked amount. Every 24โ€“48 hours, the staking rewards are claimed and reinvested. As yield accrues, the exchange ratio between STEAK and LUNA tokens changes, with each unit of STEAK becoming worth more LUNA over time.

Compared to similar protocols such as Lido and Stader, Steakโ€™s unique feaures include:

  • Zero fee or commission; no useless governance token to siphon value from users
  • Zero money raised from VCs; developers worked completely voluntarily, paying for expenses out of their own pockets
  • Committed to support non-institution, community-based validators, especially those who contribute to open source projects, run bare metal servers (instead of cloud-based ones), and provide crucial infrastructure services for the Cosmos ecosystem (e.g. IBC message relaying)

Useful links
Smart contract source code Webapp source code Audit report by SCV
STEAK-LUNA Pairs (Astroport /TerraSwap )


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Current APY

Whitelisted Validators

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*Reward number shown is estimated rewards for 100Luna staked for 30 days

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